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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Exactly right. It'll be the veterans on expiring deals or maybe a few depth players on the farm that aren't really helping the Rampage either.

Yes I think he has his blueprint already in mind and he's already stated many times that the guys he signed last yr are mostly going to bridge the gap until the youngsters have developed more and ready to start taking the lead.

Yeah the expectation is that most of the former Blackhawks are probably safe and not moving. Most of Tallon's picks are probably safe but I wouldnt ever say all of them are safe. Definitely the top prospects are safe so he won't be moving young guys like Shore, Huberdeau, Gudbranson, etc. The only guy that is young that could be moved would possibly be Kulikov and that would ONLY be in a deal similar to what Pittsburgh did with Goligoski for Neal + Niskanen. Unfortunately, guys like Neal arent easy to find these days so I doubt even Kulikov is moved.

So here's the list of guys that I think Tallon would be thinking about moving this season (probably in order):

one of Theodore or Clemmensen
Upshall (will probably wait until the offseason to do anything with him)
Bergenheim (due to injury dispute/grievance)
i agree with the sentiment you're trying to make - although i'd add kuba to that list if he could find someone to take him.

players like versteeg, fleishmann, goc, kopecky, etc. i could see traded only if the price was too good to pass up. ie: not part of a firesale, only in a situation where a team made an offer too good to pass up.

campbell is not going to be moved. he's "tallon's guy". every GM has guys they love and lean on and he's one of them.

mueller i don't see being considered at all either. he's 24, young and affordable enough to be added to the "core" we're growing. there's no reason to trade him.

kulikov is the same. i dont see him being moved, unless it's for another young player with monumental upside. and that doesn't mean some "good" prospect. it means a young roster player thought to have monumental upside. (for example: jordan eberle or taylor hall in edmonton. im by no means insinuating that's a fair deal, but the type of deal he'd consider dealing kulikov for.

i don't see us moving him for ROR. we have Shore and Bjugstad down the middle who are either producing now (Shore) or not too far away from turning pro (Jugs). if we trade Kulikov, our blueline suddenly looks terribly old with not much in the system in regards to a "puck moving defensman". Matheson looks good in BC, but is years away. Petrovic is good, but not the same type of player. Robak is a good prospect too, but not at this level.

So to summarize: players who are genuinely available for affordable prices:

Kovalev (lol)

Possibly available:
(i put them as "possibly" because i honestly have no idea what the org thinks about these players. they're obviously not core players though so probably could be had for a decent offer)

Probably not being moved unless you offer up a deal impossible to pass up:
Jovanovski (if it were up to me, i'd give him away for free, but the sense i get from the Org is they would keep him)

Guys not being moved under any circumstance:
any prospect in our future plans (Bjugstad, Matheson, etc etc.)

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