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Originally Posted by Lost Horizons View Post
Espn only covers the sports and events they own the rights to. During the lockout the WNBA got more time on Sportscenter then the nhl/nhlpa negations. Deadspin does a good job of tracking espn's crap everything from them stealing other news sites scoops and passing them off as their own to hiring scam artists to blog for them etc etc.

then again you do get things like:

Falcons Safety Thomas DeCoud Played The Meow Game During An Interview On SportsCenter
Bingo...which is why I am not taking there lack of coverage personally.

Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
PTI is one of the few ESPN programs that consistently talks about hockey and while their opinions for the most part conform to typical ESPN doctrine on hockey they're no worse than some full time hockey analysts.

Besides, Kornheiser is a baseball/football guy, not a basketball. Wilbon is a basketball guy but he's actually a big Chicago fan. Goes to quite a few Blackhawks games (When he's not working either). They're not good hockey analysts but it's far worse when ESPN's other guys talk about it.

I hate ESPN but PTI I'll watch.
PTI is okay. I love the 30 for 30 movies. If I find or remember there is a USMNT game on I turn it on. I watch the occasional baseball game as well. I only watch ESPN on a regular basis during the college football season, and by regular basis I mean three or more times a week.

Originally Posted by Bullwine85 View Post
They still have the rights to USMNT home matches. It's away matches they don't have the rights to. Same thing with Mexico, they have the rights to the home matches, not the away matches.

Right now, ESPN is too focused on:

Kobe/Howard catfight
Smith/Bayless having a {MOD EDIT} **** waving contest
Tebow running shirtless at practice (seriously, they had a full article about it)
Manti T'eo and his nonexistant girlfriend.

They're even giving BASEBALL less coverage, and that's our pastime! And anytime they cover the NBA they act like only 6 teams exist. Even our NBA team (the Bucks, go ahead and laugh), barely gets any mention win or lose. Even when they beat one of those six teams ESPN hypes nonstop.

Even when the Lokomotiv crash happened in 2011, ESPN gave the front page to the Packers. And as much as I love my Packers, the fact that the crash was NOT the #1 story for about 5 hours was disgusting

All I can say is poor Steve Levy. He seems like one of the hosts who tries his hardest to give hockey a mention, with little success.

How can ESPN improve? Going back to their roots, and giving actual sports news. And maybe even getting the rights to sports Americans aren't familiar with (such as Rugby).
ESPN will be forced to change things if NBCSN ever gets in 90%+ of homes and don't turn their programming into sports themed gossip shows.

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