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02-25-2013, 08:02 PM
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alright, did a hack job a while back as i was rushing and not quite in Baseball mode, with spring training under way there is enough room for both the diamond and some puck.

here is a full overview of how the league runs. its a really unique, competitive set-up that really gives each individual manager the opportunity to grow their dynasty how they want....

So it's a 3rd year league that is by definition a Hybrid league. It is set-up like a Dynasty where you conduct business as if you will have the same team year in and year out. But there is a small competitive twist to it. At years end you do not simply have to keep the whole team, and then go ape **** on the waiver wire at the beginging of the next season, but you choose how many of the 26 man roster you want to keep, and the remaining spots that are open (if any at all) are filled in at the draft. This brings relevance to the draft, enabling the trading of draft picks and their consequent value. (Ill warn you only the 1st round or 2 will matter for the most part though)

As im sure you just noticed me mentioning the roster size at 26 and thought "what the hell?" The rosters are as follows: 1 of each field position (the 3 OF spots are generic OF not specified corners/center) and 3 UTIL (SO that is the conventional 8 position players + 3 UTIL). As well as 7 generic P spots (not SP or RP) what makes the roster so big is the 10 bench spots. The large amount of Bench Spots is to enable a manager to carry a couple prospects (only if they want to) while not giving up a competitive advantage. Baseball is 162 games, every day, so your bench will most likely function as the rare spot play, injury fill in, or situational play(if you get real strategic with percentages against weather/pitching matchup/etc.... aside from the pitchers. So to carry a prospect or 2 wont kill you.

It is H2H points, much like football, 12 teams, that are all quite competitive, and a good balance, as my first year champ finished in last last year showing there is parity. All settings are pretty normal that you can review if you would like, scoring is balanced between speed and power, pitching and batting. Wins and Ks.

The other big thing is that we almost Never have trade vetos. Nobody is a fortune teller. Everyone in the league has a good head on their shoulder, and if two people agree on value than so be it. Obviously this wouldn't include a Verlander for Lackey trade, but nobody in this league would accept such a deal.

If you are interested in joining I will send the 2 rosters available, 1 of them made the playoffs and is a good friend who couldn't continue and the other missed it but has quite a good young team Highlighted by Mike Trout.

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