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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Can anyone give me some advice or tips for someone doing an auction draft for the first time? Let's say the cap is 160, what should I be spending on a 1st round pick like Pujols/Braun/etc. How big is the drop-off in the 2nd and 3rd rounds?

Cheers. And if anyone has an auction draft league looking for another manager let me know.
What I do is outline how much I want to spend per position and keep track during the draft. If I spent 3 dollars less at first than I expected ill add a few to someone I really want.

Also don't go crazy early. Many people overspend early and then you get guys for way below value. I mean unless its a stud you really want (Kershaw, Stras, Trout..). But I wouldn't go crazy. After a few rounds you'll see how prices dip.

I also typically don't nominate players I want. I try to nominate the guy who will likely go for the most out of guys I don't want. Reason being, force others to spend money. But don't bid on guys you don't want just to drive the price up. I was an idiot my first auction draft and did that and ended up with some guys I didn't want.

Auction drafts are a lot of fun.

EDIT: lol I just noticed the guy above me said almost all the same stuff. I didn't read his post until now I swear lol.

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