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02-25-2013, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
Agreed. $ 18 M over 4 years is a good # for Wheeler. Buys 2 years of UFA, but leaves him still in his prime for a really big payday if he develops into a consistent PPG guy. Right now the Jets might also be able to get Bogo at a good #, but if they want him in the 7-8 year range they will have to go in the $ 5.5 M per range. 4-5 years might be somewhere in that $ 4.5 M range.
To me, there are very few players in the NHL deserving of a max years contract. It's too risky. However, Bogosian is a no brainer for max contract offer. He is really starting to exhibit his pedigree on a night in night out basis. We saw 'offensive Bogo' for the first time really in Winnipeg last game, and it gave me chills. He loves Winnipeg, has a house here. He is a fitness freak and he is just a great team and community guy.

I don't know about dollars yet but I think the Jets try and lock him up long term.

Edit: I apologise if my man crush on Bogosian invaded the Wheeler thread. I agree that a 4 year deal is best for Blake, somewhere around 4.5 per.

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