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Originally Posted by JeffNYI View Post
You know when you write a really good response .. and then you check 45 minutes later to see if there was a response to YOUR post, but there's none.. and then you check again in another half an hour - still no response.. then again a few hours later..

Still nothing.

Hope I didn't leave you hanging.

I'm saying a triangle has 3 sides.. you're proving the Pythagorean theorem..

Excellent post by you.
Thanks, Jeff!

The single-entity concept is interesting. I would not, by any means, consider Major League Soccer to be successful. They lose tens of millions of dollars a year, and it's one of the worst kept secrets in the business of sports that MLS attendance figures are grossly inflated through comp tickets and other means. In fact, it's been reported by several outlets that if you know where to go before games (in major markets, no less) fans will just hand you a ticket gratis. Further, the single-entity concept as instituted by MLS has given many the impression that the league is rigged, or if not outright rigged, certain markets are favored to draw ratings and increase the league's media profile. Ever wonder why Beckham played for Los Angeles and not Columbus? It's not hard to figure out.

Also, don't take what I've said to mean that the Central Hockey League doesn't want it's teams to be successful on the balance sheet. They do, but aside from Quad City (which is currently owned and operated by the league) they have a very small interest in any one team being successful. As long as the league is operating, one or two teams failing in a given year doesn't drag the league down as a business entity.

What will save the Central Hockey League at this point? Hard to say. The CHL has been on life support for several years. If there is truth to the rumor that six teams are actively looking for other places to play, as published by Shoalts and confirmed to me by a PHPA player rep (in another league, but they get good info), the league is in hospice care, so to speak. While there are two expansion teams coming in next year, only one of those team does anything to reduce operating costs across the league, while the other will more than offset that reduction in the wrong direction.

If six teams bail and two come in, it's a six-team league next year. Even if Casper, WY comes in, it's then a seven-team league with unsustainable travel. Granted, we don't know which six teams are the smart six looking for somewhere else to play, but it would be extraordinarily difficult for this league to survive an exodus of half its' teams.

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