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02-25-2013, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Conflicted Habs fan View Post
Looking at how the Jets play, they're reminiscent of the Leafs under Burke; fast skating, huge rebounds off the goaltender, weak defense. One reason for the Leafs poor performance win wise is the fact that they were designed primarily to be "entertaining" in order to draw fan interest and hence gain profitability to their product. Since I read that the Jets have made no significant changes to their scouting programs, retaining the old Atlanta network I'm thinking that TNSE like the MLSE is designing a product to gain profit first, and performance second.
I sincerely doubt that. A GM is worried about winning. An ownership is worried about profit. The two aren't mutually exclusive. MLSE could literally ice turds on skates and still turn a profit. The Jets don't have that luxury, and Mark Chipman is more of a face to the ownership than the Ontario Teacher's Union and now Rogers and Bell. Chipman is interested in the long term viability of the franchise in Winnipeg, and nothing sells that better than icing a winning team. Also, weak defense? Our D is probably our strongest asset right now. The only thing holding it back is the injuries to our top 4.

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