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02-25-2013, 09:13 PM
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Here's what I've been dabbling with over the last few seasons.

I haven't posted much on here, but I'm slowly ditching all of my original Market-puchased players in favor of a 100% home-grown team. I'm getting there, thanks to a couple of great pulls within a few weeks of each other. If only I could get slightly higher potential from these guy's I'd probably end up with world class talent in a few seasons. But their quality should make them great players for me regardless.

Gary Webber (99Q 66?P 136 AI) as a 19 year old
Bryant Foster (100Q 56?P 109 AI) as an 18 year old
Ray Bravo (92Q 66?P 98 AI) as an 18 year old

I still don't understand the Potential system with the MAX stuff. I'm old school I guess. I look at the number, find out how many times 6 goes into it, and roughly figure that's how many seasons that player has left. It's not 100% accurate, but it's hard to plan that far ahead anyway.

I know I don't post much here, and it does seem a bit quiet, but I'm still enjoying playing the game.

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