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02-25-2013, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Brogosian View Post
I shouldn't really bother posting this again but we are a city/ market of less than 800,000 people. This team will have to mine for dollars everywhere they can. This means fans have to pay if they want the team to stay.

I feel happy to do my duty as a Jets fan by paying for TSN Jets, buying merch, and going to the occasional game. That is what I can afford, and I am in no way feeling cheated.

I got an NHL franchise in my city again. That is worth a lot to me, and to many others. That is what TN is banking on.
Originally Posted by bigplay41 View Post
really were *****ing about 10 dollars a month? heres an idea buy 1 less cup of coffee a week haha
Can I get an amen brothers.

Sorry if you Legitimatley can't afford the $10 a month but to me that does not seem onerous compared to something like a UFC pay per view......less than a pack of pint in allot of bars. It is 1 hour of work at minimum wage.

If people choose not to spend on the Jets channel, games, merch etc that is their choice but at the end of the day the bills have to get paid.

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