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4) Offensive Posts, Links or Images: No NSFW content. NSFW ("Not Safe For Work") is defined as anything that most people would not want their bosses, parents, and/or teachers to see. Do not use profanity, racial, ethnic, religious, or other slurs and stereotypes, or post sexually-oriented material, masturbatory and excretory references, or any other offensive material. This includes "Victim Pictures" of people and animals after they have been through some form of bodily trauma, "Goatse" - Photographic picture featuring the rear end of anatomy, "Tubgirl" - Photographic picture featuring creative uses of anatomy and liquids, and pedophilic jokes (ones about having sex with children). Nude and semi-nude images are not to be posted here. That includes your avatar. These are not "Babe" forums for displaying content that belongs in swimsuit calendars or lingerie catalogues.
Do not circumvent the obscenity filter by using numbers or characters such as ! or $. A word's exclusion from the obscenity filter does not mean its usage is endorsed. If it's offensive, don't use it.
We have members from different countries, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Even if you express a point of view that is very popular in your culture, it may generate a negative reaction from members in another part of the world so please exercise tact.

Considering some of the posts I deleted were infraction worthy, yes, please remember that we have female members on these boards and this is - in theory - a family site.

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