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02-25-2013, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
It looks like the Aqualung is warranted, we have entered the Bermuda Triangle...

To quote:

"Who is to say that if the City has indeed hired Beacon Sports to negotiate a sale of the Coyotes, whether Beacon Sports would share information with a Reinsdorf?? If the Coyotes end up being purchased by a Reinsdorf, it should be examined very carefully. Based upon the original Reinsdorf proposal to buy the Coyotes, they wanted an 'opt out' clause of 5 years. That is not enough time to build the kind of fan base needed to make the team viable. From all appearances the Coyotes would be moved. How many dedicated fans are willing to invest financially and emotionally in a team that could move?"

COG hiring Beacon to negotiate a sale of the Yotes. I did not know the city owned the yotes.

I guess you can't stop stupid or 1d10ts.

Originally Posted by XX View Post
AEG is a subcontractor on most leases. Rather than furnish a staff and manage the arena, they (the lessee or facility owner) contract that out to a provider who can do it all. Suffice to say, most do not have the experience or network that operators like AEG do, so there's motivation for this outsourcing to happen. AEG and others like them can then skim healthy agreed upon profit margins from the operations of buildings they neither own nor lease.

Great operations are streamlined. There's nothing smooth or easy about 4 different contracts. The city will 'save' money by not agreeing to a ridiculous AMF subsidy, but they would be handing the arena over to a bunch of surefire morons. No legitimate potential partner would agree to such a structure. This is why it is not commonplace. Economies of scale, integration and all that jazz.
Exactly. You hire an arena manager to manage the arena and the operations, not own a sports team. And you not hire a sports team that is your tenant as the arena manager when they have no experience in that area nor do they go out and hire someone who does.

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