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02-25-2013, 10:16 PM
teh gallys!!1
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@ people who can't see price is a top goalie;

go jerk off to tim thomas and hasek replays. clearly you are only impressed by OOHs and AHH's unconventional style goalies. maybe if price wasn't so technically perfect and calm, you could cheer at his crazy saves that he would cause himself to have to make because he would put himself out of position creating the need for an OOh and AHHH save on the second and third plays. this is not to downplay guys like hasek, they are world class, but i get the impression people think carey isn't that great because he makes it look too easy. he's a victim of his own success.

you're just bored because the buck stops at the first play. my heart doesn't even race when opponents close in on carey. i'm waiting to see his save. i used to have a heart attack with any one else in net. but find me any top goalie who hasn't let in a weak goal. he's always improving and making more clutch saves at key momentum points than he used to. it doesn't come overnight but through hard work. just because he's not necessarily a generational talent like roy, he's still a top level goalie who has improved since the beginning and is entering his prime who is going to be at least the second goalie in the olympics.

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