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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Here are a few Vs2 "siblings" among ATD players at the same position that I have found. They may surprise some people.

Remarkably similar offensive production from these right wingers. Strange, given what we know about the intangibles of these guys, I would probably rate them:


...and yet they seem to go in pretty much the opposite order every year. Anybody care to tell me why that is?
I'll take a stab at it, if for no other reason than to play Devil's advocate:

Alfie, Hossa, Fleury, and a few other modern RWs blend into a bit of a homogenous paste. Gilbert had a time where he was THE highest scoring RW in the NHL. in the first 10 years after expansion, he had 50 more points than any other RW (Hodge wasn't close because of his own skills, either) and 230 more than the guy in 4th place. These recent modern guys are almost interchangeable.

A re-post of some numbers I shared earlier, but with Phil Goyette and Don McKenney thrown in there for fun. In this case, I think Brindy could go ahead of Lemaire, and people may underestimate just how close McKenney and Goyette are to those two offensively.
Interesting when you consider that they were usually 2nd line players in the O6 era which negatively impacted their scores. Brindy and Lemaire would have also been 2nd liners in the O6 era but they have the percentage scores of 1st liners because of when they were born.

This is a fairly interesting comparison, of which I'm sure TDMM approves. Propp obviously wins the intangibles debate by virtue of being a playoff mega-stud, but how big is the difference between these two beyond that?
Propp was superior defensively, and I don't think by a small margin, either.

I have him up 648-623 based on top-10 seasons, but Christ, that's a lot closer than I'd have thought.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I looked at Crawford, but every contemporary article I saw about him that mentioned his position called him a LW.

I know his LOH says he could play C or LW, but that's the only place it seems to be mentioned.

Good pick otherwise, though.

This is what I got in The Trail when I looked at each of his playoff games where he was not listed as a spare.

His bio calls him a LW and says he played with a known C and RW in Quebec.

I wouldn't call him a center based on this, personally. But Iain Fyffe's answer would be much more definitive than this.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
I think this is true, but would like someone to confirm...Is Graham both the first team captain and individual trophy winner of African descent in the NHL? I know it doesn't make him any better in the ATD, but that's a historically noteworthy accomplishment.
Graham is black?

Mind...... blown.

I honestly never saw him as black.

Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
Going with an innovator who will get the most out of our players:

Coach, Fred Shero

excellent pick.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Well, after some back and forth, we've decided to go with a man who really needs a good profile, which we can hopefully put together.

I believe he is a top-5 coach - along with Bowman, Blake, Patrick, and Arbour. He's just a scary guy to select. Hoepfully, we can make him a little less scary...

Anatoli Tarasov, coach
Yep, he is top-5. Shero's 6th.

Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
I'm not sure I'm a fan of Staal this early. If he was a winger, he'd be a fine pick but he's a center, where there is much more depth. He basically has one great season and then a bunch of good, but nothing special seasons. Here are his Vs2:

94, 61, 77, 64, 77, 72

He's been great when his teams are in the playoffs, but that's only been two seasons for 43 games. He has good size, but isn't overly physical, and doesn't stand out as being great defensively. I never realized he went this early the past two drafts. Looks like he's slotted on the 3rd line with Owen Nolan, basically forming another scoring line with size it looks like because there isn't enough defense between them to call it a two-way 3rd line. He scores shorthanded goals, but you'd be nuts to use him on a penalty kill at this level. Over 1/3 of his goals come from the PP, and right now he's the 3rd line center. jkrx could place him at LW on the second PP unit in place of Tikkanen on that line so salvage some of that PP production.
I agree, not a fan of Staal this early at all.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Depends on what he's looking for. Rusty Crawford has a better defensive reputation and more of a rep as a tough guy (though Harris definitely wasn't soft). Harris is probably better offensively.
I was gonna say Crawford was a playoff warrior compared to Harris as well. But It's 24-12 in top level playoff games, in Harris' favour.

Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Viking Maniacs selects Paul Reinhart.
Wow, that's really early.

Originally Posted by Stoneberg View Post
Halifax selects Ron Ellis, RW.
Excellent pick.

Originally Posted by Stoneberg View Post
I was between Vadnais and Bergman to start my third pairing. I basically flipped a coin as I didn't have time to do an in depth comparison.
I'd take Bergman first in most situations, but Vadnais wasn't a bad pick either.

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