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Game 15 vs Winnipeg Jets
4-3 Loss


1st 18:39
+1 Semin - Don't think I need to justify this one...
+1 Eric Staal - He actually made a pretty nice little cyle pass off the boards, not that anyone really cares on this particular highlight.
+1 Tlusty - Easiest non-ENG he'll ever score.

3rd 3:37 Jordan Staal (Harrison, Dwyer)
+1 Jordan Staal - Not only the shot, but also a really solid faceoff win that allowed the Canes to run a set play.
+1 Bowman - There's not much of a scoring chance if he isn't doing the dirty work in front of the net.
+1 Harrison - The one thing Harrison does well offensively is send the puck through traffic. This play is yet another case where it pays off for him.
I'm torn on whether to give Dwyer credit here... that pass really skirts the minimum threshold for plus-ness.

3rd 14:50 Tlusty (unassisted)
+1 Eric Staal - When he wants to, E.Staal can be a hell of a forechecker. He got two guys on this one.
+1 Wallace - Also had a role in forcing that turnover.
+1 Tlusty - Scored the goal.


1st 1:53 Wheeler (Ladd)
Goaltender Error - Ward

3rd 2:10 Kane (Antropov)
Goaltender Error - Ward
Per the discussion below, concerning whether Corvo contributed to the goal, he has been given a MoE point on this play

3rd 14:03 Ladd (unassisted)
-1 Harrison - Generally a clean faceoff win straight to the defenseman is a way to prevent scoring chances, not create one.

3rd 15:06 Wheeler (Ladd, Little)
-1 Corvo - That's some defense worthy of the first half hour of a Mighty Ducks movie.

+2 Eric Staal
+2 Tlusty
+1 Bowman
+1 Semin
+1 Jordan Staal
+1 Wallace
-1 Corvo

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