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02-25-2013, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Madhatter73 View Post
Odd how a kid that gave the last 10 years of his life busting his *** for a horrible team is getting such disrespect from the people.

IMHO the blame lies solely on Dineen. Giving Jovo the "C" was a HUGE slap in the face to Weiss and I don't blame him if he's upset about it. At least if Dineen had given it to Campbell it could be justified. The guy's an all star.

In addition to picking a "C" that sits in the pressbox, Dineen has been responsible for:
- Short practices (45 minutes) during the already shortened pre-season
- Giving the team the day off after lazy losses
- Not pulling goaltenders
- Not getting the players to play hard every shift. (That's the MAIN job of a coach)
- Taking 1/3 of the season to take action against Weiss (a coach is supposed to instill accountability)
- Playing Kuba REPEATEDLY on the top pairing with Campbell even though he's HORRIBLE this year.
- Putting Kovalev on the PK
- Putting Kovalev on the point during the PP (he's to slow to get back on a turnover)

- Breaking up the ONLY good line for the team to try to create a spark with someone that should have simply been demoted.

At what point do we start to open our eyes and see that Dineen is just not cutting it as coach?

I'm not giving him a pass because this team made it to the playoffs last year. It was a team of cast-offs with a lot to prove to themselves. They also stated publically that they wanted to get there for Weiss. They didn't need any added motivation.

This year is different.

If I'm Tallon, I'm on the phone trying to get Ruff back here ASAP. I'm done waiting for Dineen to figure out what's wrong.
I've called attention to all three of these before and I completely agree with you.

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