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02-25-2013, 10:42 PM
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hate to defend them, and i just mean it in general and when it comes to calls related to the puck's location or wtv, not commenting on tonight. but hockey is very fast paced compared to what other refs in pro sports have to deal with. being a pro baseball umpire is probably on par with that level of difficulty of making the right call. but we all talk about how we wish we could have the quality of reffing like the NFL. well it's pretty easy to call an NFL in comparison. they're also not 'part of the game' and trying to dodge 90mph rubber bullets and clearing attempts whizzing by their face, while they try and ref the game, players also aren't running (skating) at 35kmh in other sports. while i do hate them, i will defend them on that one point. of course they could stand to improve though.

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