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Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e) View Post
By rumours, you mean what you read on a bunch of message boards?

Either way, there weren't any big rumours about us taking Zibanejad, just like there weren't rumours about us taking Noesen or Puempel that year, or even Ceci last year. Most of the rumours that year were related to Landeskog and Strome for the most part, both of whom were gone obviously. By bringing in both Zibanejad and Couturier (leading to some conjecture, but hardly a rumour), obviously they were interested enough in both. I have no doubt they debated a choice between those two specifically, and Murray has alluded to such when asked about passing on Couturier (how they liked and considered Couturier, or they wouldn't have brought him to town for a visit). In the end, perhaps all of the Sens scouts agreed on Zbad, although Murray never said that (when he easily could have if true).
It's up to you on how much you want to believe the stuff that goes around, but it's not possible to refute that there are people on the Sens board that do have sources within the Senators organization that do give us information from time to time.

You may also choose to believe that the organization leaked the information that did come out deliberately to lay a false trail for other organizations that were looking for information on the Sens themselves.

All I'm saying is that we as fans that followed the rumors closely at the time had absolutely zero faith that the Senators were at all interested in picking Couturier. Whether Zib was a last choice consolation prize or a sleeper they were thankful slipped under the radar of the teams picking above them is up for debate.

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