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02-25-2013, 10:58 PM
The Brodin Effect
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Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
This whole thing is so convoluted, and being made a hundred times harder than it ever should have to be. Again, just switch Nashville to the SE Div., Winnipeg to the West (NW div.), and then switch around Vancouver (to the Pacific) and Dallas (to the Central). Very simple. OR, just don't even have divisions and conferences anymore, and we can have a true 1-16 in the playoffs, and maybe actually have some variety instead. Regular-season scheduling can be determined by whatever method, I don't care, but at least we won't get the same exact match-ups shoved down our throats in the playoffs every season. And they'll still be unhappy teams, players, and fans still bellyaching about travel and start times, but why should this be such an issue? Again, these are highly-paid players who travel in relative luxury. These are businesses that are making millions upon millions in revenue, as is, and no fan is seriously put out because of when their teams' games start! Time to REALLY get some perspective here, especially as far as the fans and their whining goes! If you have to work the next day, then deal with it, you're not suffering a major hardship! Most Americans don't even know what hardship is, and that has led to a general sense of entitlement in society at large, and this is but a (very) small, but telling, symptom of that. Let's have a true league, not four little separate fiefdoms playing each other a gazillion times a season. And, I'm a Red Wings fan writing this, but I've had with it all the whining.
I've scanned this post, but you seemed to have forgotten about Minnesota to the Central as well.....

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