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Originally Posted by leaffansince1961 View Post
Everyone keeps saying Kurvers for Nidermayer......not too many people realize it was Kurvers + prospects for Lindros + veterans.

Toronto got Michel Petit, Lucien DeBlois, Aaron Broten and sent Quebec Scott Pearson, 1991 second round pick, 1992 second round pick......just to get a couple of points......Toronto finished 2nd last to Quebec that year.

I'm glad someone realizes what really happened.
I'm not sure if this is being said to make the Kurvers deal appear better for the Leafs or worse for the Leafs - but it's completely hypothetical and unnecessary to the conversation. I'm sure many of us have read "Why the Leafs Still Suck" and are familliar with what you're speculating on.

20+ years later, I think it would be difficult to say that the Leafs would have been any better or any worse off had they lost out on Lindros instead of Niedermayer. It was a bad trade either way.

I suppose it's equally difficult to assess how bad a trade really was from one teams perspective when you're talking about draft picks and what they eventually turn into. If the Leafs had retained their first round selection in 1991, there is no guarantee we would have taken Nierdermayer. As a fan who is all too familliar with the sensability of Leafs brass on draft day, I'm more prone to believe we would have chosen Scott Lachance or Aaron Ward. I believe this is also true with the Kessel deal. It would be difficult to argue that the Leafs wouldn't have chosen Seguin with the #2 pick in 2010, but there are no guarantees that they would have drafted Doug Hamilton in 2011, and for my money he's the guy out of the 3 Boston picked who could make this deal look ugly 5 years down the road.

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