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Game 16 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
5-2 Loss


3rd 03:04 Bowman (Nash, LaRose)
+1 Nash - Solid puck support, leading to the gimme assist
+1 Bowman - Kind of wild that the Lightning left him THAT open on a broken rush.

3rd 16:11 LaRose (Sanguinetti, Jokinen)
+1 Sanguinetti - Funny enough, his poor defensive positioning turned out to help him jump past everyone into the rush.
+1 LaRose - Full marks for scoring the goal.


1st 10:54 Bergeron (unassisted)
Goaltender Error - Ellis

3rd 02:11 Pouliot (Lecavalier, St. Louis)
-1 Murphy - That's where you see the junior-leaguer coming out. He wasn't the least bit prepared for the speed of Lecavalier's turn.
-1 Eric Staal - If you're going to double-team a guy at the post, you better stop the pass from getting across.

3rd 07:37 Panik (Hall, Stamkos)
-1 Jordan - There was some controversy over whether this one was on Ellis, but the play begins and ends with Jordan failing to control his gap and contain Panik on two different scoring chances. If Jordan's in position, Ellis doesn't get handcuffed and Panik doesn't just stroll around the net to the rebound.

3rd 07:55 Pyatt (Killorn, Brewer)
-1 Jordan Staal - The classic case of trying to do too much. Sure, Murphy is looking a little shaky, but he's behind the net; it's not a scoring chance, let it go. Jordan looks right at Pyatt, then jumps down below the goal line leaving him wide open for a tap-in.

3rd 17:38 Stamkos (Conacher, Salo)
-1 Faulk - It has to suck to realize you're in a footrace to the net with a wide-open Stamkos
-1 Dwyer - The one guy capable of staying with Stamkos stride-for-stride seems like he has no idea what to do in the moment after he turns it over at his own blue line.

+1 Bowman
+1 LaRose
+1 Nash
+1 Sanguinetti
-1 Dwyer
-1 Faulk
-1 Jordan
-1 Murphy
-1 Eric Staal
-1 Jordan Staal

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