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02-25-2013, 11:25 PM
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The article doesn't provide any evidence of "abuse".
The fact that Boogard had a lot of different prescriptions implies he was taking too much at one time, but they provide no evidence for that.
Having 25 prescriptions from 10 doctors is not a big deal for somebody who travels tons. All it means is they ran out in 10 different cities. It doesn't mean they were overdosing on it. And I'd bet that article was counting empty pill bottles as another "prescription". Just means the guy was lazy about throwing out the empties.

The "abuse" was mixing it with alcohol.

If there's a drug you have to take daily and travel a lot it's not uncommon that you run out, or leave the medicine at home, or lose it, or drop it, etc, etc. So you go to a local doc or clinic in that city.

And most people I know are pretty lazy about throwing out meds. Their medicine cabinets are often filled with old forgotten prescriptions. The average person who takes daily meds most likely has multiple presciptions from multiple docs for the same meds. 25 from 10 is unusual, but the life of a pro athlete is an unusual life and probably more a reflection of his failing mental health and forgetfulness than a sign of abuse of ambien.

Article was sensationalistic and misleading.

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