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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Great news! Best news, if it ultimately proves to be true, best news I've heard on this whole realignment issue since hearing that the PA rejected the previous proposal.

Now the issue is: How to fit in those 4 wildcard teams. If it's a 3/5 scenario, then there obviously has to be a crossover. And with 4 Conferences, not Divisions, just how to you manage a crossover scenario?
Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
Top 3 per conference, next best 4 will be the wildcards. I don't think it means more games. Preference given to staying in own conference, so I would imagine they would ship the seeds >4 out to other conferences. The only question is if you make the top seed play the crossover, or save them the travel and make it 1 v 3 and 2 v crossover. Maybe give the 1 seed the choice.
4 Wild Card teams is great news. If one conference has 3 playoff teams and another has 5 then just rank the teams from both conferences and pair the two teams from the lesser represented conference whose relative rank best approaches 1v8, 2v7, etc... (erring toward the middle of the grouping) and go from there.

If two conferences have 5 teams and two have 3, then the two western conferences will be paired (even if this is 6 or 10 teams rather than 8) as will the two eastern conferences.

Repeat considerations for Round 2. This means that no more than 1 series in the first two rounds will cross timezones (not counting divisional teams already in different timezones).

I'd definitely suggest a league-wide reseeding for the Stanley Cup Semifinals. As soon as you have wild-cards, postseason "conference" champs won't mean a thing; it'd be silly for Boston or Anaheim to win the other's conference championship. The series hosting the westernmost Stanley Cup semifinalist will compete for the Clarence Campbell Trophy; the other series for the Prince of Wales Trophy.

With current standings and the proposed conferences:

Adams: 1) Montreal 2) Ottawa 3) Boston 4*) Toronto 5*) Detroit
Patrick: 1) Pittsburgh 2) New Jersey 3) Tampa Bay
Norris: 1) Chicago 2) Nashville 3) St. Louis 4*) Dallas
Smythe: 1) Anaheim 2) Vancouver 3) San Jose 4*) Phoenix

ROUND ONE (# seed for Adams/Patrick relative rankings)
Chicago vs. Dallas
Nashville vs. St. Louis
Anaheim vs. Phoenix
Vancouver vs. San Jose
1 Montreal vs. 7 Detroit
2 Pittsburgh vs. 8 Tampa Bay **these Patrick teams closest to traditional pairing
3 Ottawa vs. 6 Toronto
4 Boston vs. 5 New Jersey *cross-conference series

ROUND TWO (# seed for Adams/Patrick relative rankings)
Chicago vs. St. Louis
Anaheim vs. Vancouver
1 Montreal vs. 6 Toronto
2 Pittsburgh vs. 4 Boston *cross-conference series

SC SEMIFINALS (league-wide reseeding; # league-wide ranking)
1 Chicago vs. 7 Boston (Prince of Wales Trophy)
2 Montreal vs. 3 Anaheim (Clarence Campbell Trophy)

Montreal vs. Boston

Of course, I still like my 3 conference idea with 8-6-16 teams (west to east) in each conference. Half of each conference goes to the playoffs and a 16th wild-card team is placed in the Central Division playoff; after two rounds the 4 remaining teams are reseeded league-wide.

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