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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
Yeah ...a rookie GM with a few weeks on the job was calling the shots at the draft table. That makes a ton of sense.
Makes sense the 2nd time round, if you want to play the rookie card in 2009. It still made no sense to pick a guy the team didn't even talk to in 2009 (Glennie).

GM's run the NHL team ... that's why there is a large scouting team that handles the drafts and makes recommendations. You think Holland is flying around the world watching every draft pick himself?
He does NOT?!!! OMG!!! You don't say!

Seriously, stop taking me for a fool and take that condescending tone elsewhere.

Every GM is making picks based on the recommendations of his scouting staff. With the exception of 1st round picks, the majority of GM's probably haven't seen a single game of the guys they are drafting.
Most times it is the Assistant GM who usually runs the scouting and when it comes to decision-making, there is almost always a heated discussion with each scout vying for his pick to be taken by the organization. It's in this melee where the head honcho has to weigh in the data and information provided by the scouts and make the decision on whom to pick. Like I said the Assistant GM is the guy who usually runs the draft show, it doesn't mean the GM doesn't ever have any say.

Take a good hard look at this all-access video on the Blues 2007 draft and pay specific attention to the part where Larry Pleau clearly lists out the pecking order in terms of decision-making on the draft floor.

... and that's not being an apologist pointing out the Bernhardt firing. That's having an accurate understanding of the way amateur scouting works in the NHL.
Oh poppycock! Those guys eat off of JN's hands as if he were the guy calling ALL the RIGHT shots at the draft, but if something ****s up, it's all on Bernhardt or someone else. That's the hypocrisy they seem to delve in a great deal.

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