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02-25-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
I don't know what frustrates me more, losing a game like that or going on this board after a loss... I think that may have been Montreal's most dominant performance offensively not only this season but in a very long time. Unfortunately for us, they ran into a goalie that was REALLY hot, and not any kind of goalie: A ****ing giant. I liked all of our lines tonight, I don't think Gionta should be crucified like some of you are suggesting although I will never understand why our coaches always uses him in crucial situations during the SO. Is he like the Queen Elizabeth and it's all symbolic? It's a mark of respect to send him out there since he's our captain? It has to be it because he probably has the worst vision out of all of our offensive weapons up front. I did understand the decision for our players to try to go five hole on Bishop, he's 6'7 so that means he has a huge five hole with those long legs of his, but the problem is that our players didn't had any dekes prior to shooting it there, they just went up to him and shot it there, gotta make it harder than that to beat a goalie that was rock solid tonight. I thought Diaz, Gallagher and Desharnais were our best players tonight. A lot of things went uncalled tonight except for the final minutes of the game and OT, those infractions were done on Gally and Desharnais. We outplayed the Sens really badly and I don't see how any person on this board with two eyes that operate normally or any knowledge for hockey can consider today's game as a negative and a sign that our team isn't that good. They hit 3 posts without mentionning the amount of goals that Bishop stole from us. It wasn't one of those cases where our players just shot the puck at the goalie, Bishop was simply lights out tonight. Price looked shaky from the start, he didn't have the greatest game. He let in a softie that could have made the game much easier for us and he struggled on some shots that he normally controls without a problem. I have no idea what the hell he was thinking on Regin's goal but it doesn't give me much confidence on the emphasis he's put on SO. Subban was pretty awful tonight, he was too fancy with the puck and overthought every thing when he had the puck. A bunch of times he could've given the puck to Bouillon or another teammate but he decided to play overplay the puck. I'm not worried with this team but thank god there are no shootouts in the playoff or we'd be doomed.
Holy paragraph.

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