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02-25-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by p9ers View Post
It would be stupid to ask tired player to do long practices when they game so close to each other.
In what game would you have pulled out the goaltender? Usually they score the tying goal in the last minute of the game and the team crap it's collective pants in overtime.
You want to get scored on every shift or what? Putting an execrable Kuba with (a back then) bad Weaver would have been handing out a goal every other shift.
They brought Kovalev for that.
He's your "best" player, you can't leave him on the fourth line untill he explode for an hat trick playing with Parros.
The short practices were in the pre-season. Close games had no relation at that point.

Last year it was about the last minute. What you say is true for the 3-4 games games we blew the lead in, but MANY more games than that were flat out blowouts. (thus our goal differential)

I'd rather have a bad Kuba/weaver pairing against a teams 4th line with limited minutes than putting Kuba against the other teams top talent. Sorry.

Kovalev can help on the powerplay, no doubt. But it would have to be wing. Anyone that thinks Kovalev should be on the PK needs to lookup the definition of "defensively responsible".

You put him on the 4th line for multiple reasons
- Demotions motivate players that want top line minutes
- He'll be playing against other teams' lower lines, thus increasing the possibility of breaking the funk.
- You can promote other players that are playing better to a spot more deserving.

BTW, Parros has as many goals as Weiss, better +/- and a better shooting percentage. If Parros belongs on the 3rd or 4th line, Weiss certainly can play a game there to see if he wakes up.

The fact that Dineen did NOTHING with Weiss for 1/3 of the season says a ton about his (lack of) decision making.

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