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02-25-2013, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
It's not that he can't adjust his style of play or type of role on the team, it's that he won't take a lesser role on the team, I would be willing to be. He's a superstar, what do you think would happen if the coaches came up to him and said, 'Joe, we're going to cut your ice time to help develop this kid we just drafted first overall'?
Maybe not, but that would only happen if he was older and would have to learn to understand that he's slowing down. 1st line minutes to second line minutes are very similar, so enough time would be made to accommodate both players. Anyway, who better to shelter a budding superstar than a great player ahead of him? He turned from a Sedin type to a great 2-way player when it was asked of him, so what reason do we have to believe that he's not flexible.

I'd think his only problem would be being saddled with a noncompetitive team during a rebuild. If they decided to rebuild I'd keep Joe around unless DW (or whoever) asked him, "Joe, do want to join us in a rebuild, or go to a contender?" and he replies negatively. If that happens, his time as a Shark is over.

Until then I'd put him with Couture and any RW with a good one timer, trade away Boyle, Clowe, Murray, Handzus,and Burish (if anyone is willing) for whatever we can get and maybe Pavelski, Havlat, and Niemi. Only Niemi because he's at peak value right now, and if we're rebuilding I don't think he's necessary long term. Marleau, I'm on the fence about, and I think we could get a great return for him, but I wouldn't trade Thornton without getting something AMAZING in return.

And sorry, tired and didn't proofread, so this may make no sense.

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