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Originally Posted by poneill27 View Post
I did see your post. Its very good and I agree with it. I dont think were getting a top 2 or 3 pick in the draft but 5 is easily attainable with how bad things are going and team's having 3-4 games in hand and only a few points behind us. It looks ok that were in 9th but we could easily be in 13-14th in 3 weeks if something doesnt change. Our March scheduel is no picnic. But run the numbers after each game it will be interesting to see.
I agree, it will be interesting to see. After tonight, they are currently projecting for 6th overall. 5th (The Brooklynders) are less than half a point away. So to correct myself, their range is probably 5th to 14th, or thereabouts. Of course a couple more losses and ya never know... With more games played than anybody else this season, every loss we take hurts our chances of making the playoffs more and more.

EDIT: I added a column for win differential that shows you how many wins away from the Flyers that other teams are pacing... As you can see, the Islanders are less than 1/4 of a win behind us, but there is a wide separation between them and the bottom 4. Additionally, Winnipeg and Colorado are only pacing for 1 win more than us. Tight bunch between those four teams could easily cause the Flyers to swing from 5th to 8th any given day.

EDIT 2: If the paces hold true, for the Flyers to break into the top 3 to have a shot at Jones, MacKinnon or Drouin, they'd have to finish out the season no better than 8-17-2. I don't think that's happening.

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