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02-26-2013, 12:06 AM
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Yeah, this four conference thing and the specific teams in them makes very little sense to me. I mean you had teams moaning and groaning about time zone travel so now this helps to fix it but instead you have teams like Florida and Tampa Bay in the same division as Ottawa etc and the like so it is almost as if to say 'fine, here's how we get you by making travel so much worse but don't worry, you will still be in the same time zone.' (so in essence teams like Detroit probably screwed teams like Tampa Bay in that regard due to their complaints since I highly doubt Tampa was complaining about anything but I digress) All these crazy plans do is make certain teems more unhappy than the teams that are complaining right now (and some of them in my opinion really shouldn't be) I agree with those who said only a very few number teams need division movement.

Also, while not a huge issue I have no idea how what is now the Atlantic division needs two or three more teams (Carolina and Washington and like this thread I've seen Columbus as well but in others they aren't a part of it) in it.

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