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02-26-2013, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by juantimer View Post
Maybe I'm misunderstanding this. You think the team should at some point deliberately make poor roster decisions to ensure poor performance for some reason? Maybe I don't really understand what the idea of a rebuild is. Given the young talent on our roster now, we would have to deliberately shoot ourselves in the foot to make a terrible team incapable of competing for a long period of time.
The young talent? Couture, Burns (who can't stay healthy), and Vlasic (who can't make an outlet pass to save his life) is the extent of the young talent.

I think that when you're in a rebuild, you make certain decisions. You go for the moral victories instead of the points. You go for learning situations instead of winning situations. The first year of the tanks is maximizing the value of your tradable assets. From then on, it's developing the young kids, but giving them butter soft minutes, slowing transitioning them to harder minutes, sitting them, riding them, doing whatever it takes to turn them into the most productive players they can be. And you have to be dedicated to them, or you've messed up your team for nothing.

It's an incredibly different style of management and coaching than we're used to, because we've constantly been contenders, doing everything in our power to win.

But you have to go young player-first, Joe Thornton-second, in order for a rebuild to work, and I don't think that would end well. Mostly because the coaches have too much respect for Joe, and a decent amount of fear of him, to do that.

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