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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
I'm not saying Gretz and Mario would be scoring 200 points but they WOULD still be blowing everyone else away!

Even if all they could do was top out today at 150-160 points in a full season, that's STILL blowing everyone else away heh
Are they making Kunitz and Dupuis 100 point guys? I think not, that was the question.

Yeah, Mario only had 122 points at age 31.
Let's just ignore the fact that he still blew away his next closest competition by 13 points or a full 12%.
Let's also ignore that Sakic, Forsberg, Lindros, Kariya and his team mate Jagr played in the 60-high 60 game range as well.

Should I also mention that a full half of the top 10 scorers that year were non-Canadians

Well at least someone is noticing the league was different eh?

Lets also forget that Mario's "small sample" from '01 where he dominated was smack dab in the middle of the lowest scoring years in the last 40.
I also love how you like to try and dismiss Mario's '01 but love to harp on Crosby's '10.
If you look at both players years before and after the 40ish game sample we see 2 different things don't we?

You seem to think they should be treated the same...well, you're wrong!
The difference is that Mario had not only reached but also maintained that kind of production previously. Crosby has not!
Mario gets the benefit of the doubt for his '01 season.
Crosby's, until he actually proves otherwise, is an anomaly.
What exactly is your point here? Mario is a better pure offensive player than Sid who played with better offensive teammates in a more offensive time, we should expect better results in that time period.

Extrapolating it to post lockout is just plain ridiculous

Me give my head a shake. Take your own advice their bud if you actually believe that Gretz or Mario today would be "fighting it out" with the likes of Crosby, Malkin, Vanek or Giroux.
no one, not Mario or Wayne is getting the 150-160 points you referred to earlier in this thread and certainly not replacing Crosby on that Pittsburgh team with that lineup.

This is Vanek 1st time in the top scoring and he is fading faster than your arguments.

Giroux has one year, it's hard to even see what your point is any more.

It's obvious that you either rate a couple of the guys from the 80's too highly or can't see the differences in the game, especially goaltending which is ironic considering you are one.

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