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02-26-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
The bolded bit is my whole point. We needed a player like Beauch at that very moment so why not get him? Because Murph let him walk 18 months before? Would it have made a difference if he traded Lupul and Gardiner for Andrei Markov or Alex Edler? We subtract the same assets and fill the same need. Why does it matter that he used those assets to get a player he already had if that player is needed? Say Getzy walks this summer but in a year and a half he becomes available in a trade and we haven't found a replacement for him, would you not want him back? I just don't get why this is such an issue and such an indication of his abilities as a GM.

I think Murph has made a lot of bold moves that have put this team in the position they are in right now. Signing Koivu (and keeping him here), hiring Martin Madden (and all of his draft choices), the trades in '09, the Pronger trade, both Lubo trades, getting Cogliano, signing Lydman, hiring Boudreau, signing Souray and Winnik, signing Fasth. This team is in great shape. Honestly, and this goes to all Murray detractors, what moves has he made that have crippled this team? Are we not a deep, talented team sitting currently second in the league? Do we not have great goaltending depth and some very promising prospects/trade assets waiting the in the wings? Do we not have one of the best coaches in the league?
Sorry for late response. Been away from boards lately.

I have no beef with what Murray had to give up to get a player like Beauchemin. The trade itself is not my problem. It's the fact that we had to make it. It should have never had to happen. Yes he had to find a replacement, because he made the initial mistake of creating such a vital hole. If you believe it wasn't a big error on his part fine, but I completely disagree. You praise him for his bold moves, but that one (depending on such unproven player(s) for a top 4 role) killed us that season. Yeah he's had bold moves pay off, but he's had them fail just as bad, which have cost is dearly in years past.

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