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02-26-2013, 01:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
i would rank Bryz as the #1 reason this team has had even a chance to win all but 2-3 games Bryz has started this year.

Flyers MVP. clearly. much better than last year without the circus surrounding it.

he is the last player to look at in terms of blame this year. period. anyone disagreeing with that, is simply is not paying attention. or just hates Bryz, or his contract, or was against signing him & needs to come up with any reason to criticize him.

that's how i rank Bryz
That's cute.

I actually don't hate Bryz, as shocking as that might be to you. I praised him greatly for his early season hot streak and I root for him to succeed each and every night because if he plays well, my team has a chance to win and if my team wins, I'm happy. But when my team is losing and is looking like they're going to miss the playoffs, I get to thinking about how the team could potentially be improved, as is natural. And when you're dealing with a team that's right @ the cap limit, you start thinking about which players with large cap hits might be good amnesty targets. And in weighing which players might be guys you would consider amnestying, you can't help but glance around the league and look at other players at the same position's stats & cap hit and do some comparisons. That's why I was asking where you rank him compared to other players league wide, a question you very skillfully maneuvered around.

What I was trying to get at is: Why does Ilya Bryzgalov deserve to be taking up 5.67M in salary cap for the next 8 years. Why shouldn't we buy him out.

Maybe it's because I'm a finance guy, but salary / cap hit matters. Bryzgalov's cap hit is a large detriment to this team if he isn't playing up to that number. Just like Danny Briere is a large detriment to the team.

I don't "blame" Bryzgalov for his cap hit, nor do I get angry with him as long as he's trying/working hard. The cap hit is Holmgren's problem / mistake. But it's a valid thing to discuss in a thread about Bryz: Is Bryz's performance worthy of the money.

As I've said many times, the answer to that question won't change my opinion of Bryz or whether or not I root for him (I will always root for him as long as he's a Flyer), but it will potentially have lasting consequences for the future of this team.

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