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02-26-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Vipassana View Post
Doesn't smiths new mask have his son on the side? Or something like that. It's cool.
Yeah, not a fan though.

Barbs mask gives me all kinds of ideas about a sand/black with red trim scheme, though. I really like the color language going on with the current thirds but the logo and overall pattern leaves a little to be desired. Somehow, with all that sand and red, the 'black' becomes more of a background color than the focus. A big deal when every team in the division uses black or has a black jersey.

The brick red just annoys me. It's a constant reminder of how bland things have been. The D'Backs look worse in their new digs, and the Cardinals don't really wear cardinal red. Why does every team have to be red? I'd love for some unique, obnoxious color like metallic North Dakota green or something of the sort. Crazy contrast piping, matte finish helmets etc... you name it, they should look into it as a way to create a unique look. The Predators have the right idea, IMO.

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