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02-26-2013, 12:56 AM
knorthern knight
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CBC's (English network) problems as a sports broadcaster...
  • They apparently have only 3 HD trucks nationwide.
  • 2 are available for hockey
    • One does the Vancouver/Calgary/Edmonton circuit (tough luck, Winnipeg)
    • The other one is in the east, usually doing HNIT (Hockey Night In Toronto)
  • Due to either union or management stupidity, they will NOT accept a "clean feed" from another broadcaster (not even CBC French) and add their own audio+graphics.
  • If necessary, they will use their own, or a rented, SDTV truck, and use their own crew
  • Plus, being a "regular TV network", they can only show one game at a time, and a double-header on Saturday is all they can handle anyways.

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