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02-26-2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by juantimer View Post
With the exception of Malkin and Crosby, these guys just happened to catch fire for their runs. Year to year and even in other runs they have not been any more special than our guys. Our guys are as capable of catching fire as anyone else, but have arguably better baseline talent levels than many of those guys. We are not lacking in talent.
I'd trade Marleau and Couture in a heartbeat for Kopitar and Brown, or Toews and Kane, or of course Malkin and Crosby. For one year, I'd trade them for Datsyuk and Zetterberg. I don't understand how people can honestly think our two are on the level of their two. Hell, I'm the biggest Marleau fan around here and I don't see it.

Originally Posted by juantimer View Post
There weren't any norris caliber defensemen on the Kings. Who was the good 3rd line center on the kings?
Drew Doughty. I know, everyone thinks he's a flash in the pan, but he's an elite defenseman. He's a Norris caliber defenseman. He put up 16 points in 20 games for the Kings in their run, all while starting only 42% of his shifts in the offensive zone and facing top competition. He's a Norris defenseman and he showed it during the playoffs.

Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
Easy is also fine with keeping Thornton if he takes a lesser role in the future (3rd line C and PP specialist).

I think this was a great post by another poster that some people missed.
Easy doesn't want to not keep Thornton on principle, he just thinks, and I agree, that Thornton is too good to allow the Sharks to pick high enough to get those star players.

I agree with that post, I love team loyalty. But we aren't Detroit, we don't have wave after wave of superstars being drafted in the 7th round or bought with no salary cap. Detroit's the only team that could do that, and they're going to have to stop doing it soon. They're going to have to face a tough choice very soon: if Datsyuk, as he's implied, is truly interested in returning to the KHL after this contract, will they sell him off for assets, or will they have him retire a Wing? Their philosophy would make me think they'll keep him, but isn't that a huge waste of potential assets if they aren't a contender?

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