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02-26-2013, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by gonnaneedsomewine View Post
I should clarify:
The original offer the Oilers poster presented on the trade forum was Hemsky and MPS for Stoll and Martinez.

His logic was that Hemsky has more value than Stoll b/c he's a top 6 winger who is younger, and that Martinez has more value than MPS, so as a whole the trade is pretty balanced.

I thought it was a pretty fair offer for the most part, and said it was enticing/interesting but thought that Martinez was too much to give up for MPS in the deal. I said I thought a more fair deal might be Stoll and Lewis/King for Hemsky and Paajarvi, maybe with LA adding a late draft pick. I would think either Lewis or King would be a good role player in their bottom 6, especially King who would give them some size on the wing.

I don't think a lot of people would be willing to trade A-Mart straight up for MPS especially with Toffoli hopefully waiting in the wings.
Thanks for that.

I can see what your saying but I still wouldn't make that deal. Hemsky is a more fragile version of Gagne (though a better scorer) to me. Hemsky wouldn't fit in with the grind and pound D first system that we play imo but who knows?

MPS might just turn out to be a good player 3rd line producer who can cover 2nd line duties for short stretches for awhile anyways.

Still, I don't think I make that deal, there would be better out there imo.

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