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02-26-2013, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
Ben Bishop carried them, end of story. Habs had an amazing game, and we all know Price is awful in the shootout. We should've won, but it happens when you run into hot goalies.
this i dont get.. ya he had a rough year last year but tonight price was pretty solid and did pretty damn good in the shoot out and made some good saves.. it went what 6 rounds? not because of guys scoring but only cause price was making the saves.. unfortunately with the line up of shooters we sent out we didnt stand much of a chance.. i was expecting galchenyuk to be the only goal in that line up ... and on that note where the eff was eller in the line shoot out line up?

any ways price might not be a shoot out god but people need to stop being so "absolute" in the way the potray him.. he had 1 rough year with em (as did the whole team) and so far this year hes been more than decent.. didnt he win the only other shoot out he faced so far this year? so people dont keep him in this "hes horrible at shoot outs" box that people seem to like too..

ok ...sorry for my rant ... as you were everybody, as you were.

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