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02-26-2013, 02:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Sunking278 View Post
I wonder if a deal can be worked out where the Canucks and Flames simply agree to swap their AHL affiliations. In other words, Calgary gets the Wolves and Vancouver gets Abbotsford. Ideally, each franchise would have their minor league affiliates in close proximity. Ideally, the Chicago Wolves ought to be the affiliate of the Blackhawks. I must say, it is quite strange how this all works.
The piece you're missing is that many AHL teams are independently owned, and not controlled by the NHL parent. So you're dealing with several transactions here -- the team's lease with the home arena, the ownership of the FRANCHISE, and the AFFILIATION (that is, who supplies the players) with the NHL team.

So, no, the Flames and Canucks can't just "swap affiliations", because the Wolves owner would have to agree to a Flames affiliation, and the Heat owner would have to agree to a Canucks affiliation.

The problem there is that the Heat are actually still owned by the Flames. So, for your scenario to work, in addition to the Wolves owners agreeing to a Flames affiliation, then someone else would likely have to purchase (or lease) the Heat _franchise_ (not affiliation) from the Flames _and_ convince the Canucks to affiliate with them. There's a lot more moving parts here. The NHL is not in control of where the AHL places its teams, other than, of course, the situations where the NHL team actually _owns_ the afffiliate instead of just taking their money and supplying them players.

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