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02-26-2013, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Madhatter73 View Post
More offense won't necessarily help a team that still loses when it scores 5 goals.

I think the thought was to move a tender and keep Marky up... He showed he can play at this level now... I'd rather him see 20+ games of NHL shots than spend more time in the AHL. He will grow more on the big team at this point.

The "not well thought out" part is a bit unnecessary. Differing opinions are what a forum is for.
I'm pretty sure we win more often than we lose after scoring 5 goals.

If we don't have the offense to consistently win than I don't see a reason to keep Marks up here.

1- Theo can do a good job in net as long as we generate offense, which we haven't on a regular basis.

2-Marks was playing well and meshing well with teammates in SA before he got the promotion.

3-Jacob's experience in the AHL is a lot more important than some of you may realize. He is gaining confidence and becoming a team leader in the locker room.

4-Theo is not getting traded right now (has a no move clause) and Clem is signed through next year.

5- Rampage! I think some of you forget that we have a farm team in SA that we are trying to build a winner in, and will be important to our success. Every time we lose a player to a trade or injury means we have to weaken the Rampage team and also the Cyclones with call-ups. If DGM gets injured, then god help the Rampage with only Foster in net.

6- Enough of this "firesale" stuff on the main boards. If we lost Weiss, Flash, Kuli, Weaver, Goc, and for whatever crazy reason Mueller... and Kopecky?? Really??? God help us next season.

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