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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
It isn't just the 7 years Jux gave, I looked farther back than that. It was overwhelming. The top offensive players on playoff winners are tilted dramatically to homegrown. It is not unusual for a winner to have a top guy who takes a step back while a homegrown lesser light steps up. Never the other way around.
How far back, and how much is the difference? Is this just a remarkable artifact of variance? I can't think of a logical explanation for this other than the salary thing, but the salary seems to have no relationship to it, and of course before the salary cap salary didn't matter at all.

This smacks of a remarkable coincidence that is nevertheless a coincidence. Or, perhaps a non-causative correlation, such as a team's success causing less roster turnover which keeps homegrown players around longer, but without those players necessarily being part of the reason for that success.

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