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02-26-2013, 03:37 AM
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Team started bad and the D was bad. Injuries galore and you could tell guys like Rick didn't do jack **** but fish and hunt all ****ing off season. Quick wasn't Quick.

Greene got sick of carrying the team physically and with his shot blocks so he decided to have back surgery and take the season off.

Mitchie is all sorts of ****ed up. Had off season knee surgery, played like one game?, and is probably out for the year too. So 2/3 of our defensive dman are ****ed. Sounds fun, right?

AMart dun got hurt too. At some point in there, Dean freed Sexyonov and he's got a 3 game point streak playing for those guys we beat for the Cup. We traded him for the Devils 5th, then traded that 5th to get Ellerby, who's tall and ****. He plays first pairing sometimes, but he's a 3rd pairing guy. So clearly our defense is just amazing right now. I can feel my eyes getting stuck from rolling so much as i post this.

Jeff Carter is sex. ****ing money. Best King so far this year. Clifford started off amazing, was destroying people, and posting points. Cooled off a bit but still doing fine. Richards sucked ass at first but is coming around now. Kopi too was injured and is just now getting over that knee injury he got in Sweden. Because of that, Brown's been hot as of late.

There's a revolving door on the LW slot next to Rick and Carts. I hear it's your turn to take that role next. Have fun.

Penner sucks. Stoll is horawful. Lewis has been good the past few games. Fras sucked and warmed the press box for a bit but is back in now. Dwight King has been bad all year. So that sucks. Gagne too. Healthy scratch for like 5 in a row now.

Jordan Nolan is the most perfect thing in the world for a 4th liner. Kid is, in my eyes, the perfect 4th liner. I want to clone him twice so we have a 4th line of just him.

Doughty is ****ing amazing. No Norris level points but SO solid defensively, big hits, and just playing smart. Had turnover issues but they're getting fixed. Scuds is probably the only reason our defense isn't absolute ****. He's been quietly great in an increased roll. Whiskey has been surprisingly good too, blocking shots and PKing pretty well. Muzzin has his ups and downs but he's still young. Kid's got a ****ing shot though.

Bernier is amazing. Been good in every game he's been in and truly deserves more ice time. Seems to be earning Sutts trust. Quick hasn't been beast mode Quick but we're winning anyways lately so its fine. Still been good.

PP has been better this year but not having a training camp ****ed us over because to start the year it was awful. Kompon being gone is almost as good as the Cup. Sutter shuffles lines as much as Murray did so that's always fun. Thing is, Sutts lines work? Foreign concept. Not used to patch job looking lines doing something effective. Payne has helped the PP. Much better movement lately.

4 game win streak. If we lose, you're banned.

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