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02-26-2013, 03:46 AM
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The 6th Seed

6th seeds hit the bottom conference leader in the playoffs.

This team often has fewer points than the 4th and sometimes 5th and even 6th seed. Moreover, the bottom division leader would have weaker average opponents while earning their points.

For example, last year: The Florida Panthers entered the playoffs as the third seed in the Eastern Conference by winning the Southeast Division with 94 points. The New Jersey Devils earned 102 points during the regular season to finish sixth overall in the Eastern Conference.

With realignment around the corner AND a new playoff format is is fair to give a lower seed an easier ride?

Is it fair for the Panthers to earn fewer points in a weaker division and still have the advantages of a higher seed?

It is true that the Devils won and the better team will presumably win anyway, but a tough road can be a disadvantage in subsequent rounds.

ANYWAY, has anyone done research on these 3rd v 6th matchups? Any empirical stuff?

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