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Originally Posted by NHL Dude 120 View Post
I wrote something like this in another thread but i thought it would be relevant, if and when the NHL does align they should make it so that all teams will

- Have played in every arena once
- even distribution of teams in every division
- allow for inter-conference playoffs, I may be a new fan but its kinda annoying that eastern conference teams play, well eastern conference teams. this probably wouldn't happen but it kinda annoys me. I'd like to see more rivals develop.
- Have games start at 7:00 ( in the time zones) in order to allow eastern teams to watch western games.


- Five divisions of 6 teams. Each team plays each other home and away three times. total of 30 division games played by each team. I've calculated that there would be a total of 90 games per division. for a total of 450 division games.

- Furthermore there would be inter-division games, each team plays each other home and away. 24 home and 24 away games. that totals up to 576 home and 576 away games for a whopping 1152 games.

- that's a total of 1602 games a season.

- I've also accounted for Phoenix relocating as well im assuming they move to Quebec. However this could also work if instead the team relocate to Hamilton

- Due note Dallas, Nashville Winnipeg, St.Louis, Chicago Colorado,Minnesota have different time zones i tried my best to find a compromise on that issue. Some of them will play earlier instead.

-Teams who are playing in a different time Zone will be eased into the changes I.e San Jose wont play say Montreal then Vancouver they would play (in no order at all) Toronto Detroit New York(either ISL or RAN) to ease them into the time Zone. this way travel is not as bad.

Here are the Divisions(I'm making up names)

Norris Division:

Vezina Division:
New York Islanders
New York Rangers
New Jersey

Art Ross Division:

Rocket Richard Division:
Los Angeles
San Jose

Hart Division:

3 for a regulation win
2 for an 1st overtime win
1 for an 2nd overtime point
1 for a shootout win
0 points for a loss


- Winning your division doesn't guarantee a playoff berth, only placing in the top 16 will assure a playoff berth.

- to help with travel, all playoff series will be a best on five.

- I though of after the season finishing there could be a Draw to announce the playoff series, but that was scrapped so, i guess we'll keep the 1 vs 16 2 vs 15 3 vs 14 and etc again higher seed gets to play at home. the winners will then move on so lets say 1 beats 16 and 2 beats 15 , 2 plays 15.

- Heres an example ( I'll assume the higher seed wins too make my point easier)

1 vs 16
2 vs 15
3 vs 14
4 vs 13
5 vs 12
6 vs 11
7 vs 10
8 vs 09

round 2
1 vs 2
3 vs 4
5 vs 6
7 vs 8

round 3
1 vs 3
5 vs 7

round 4 ( SCF)
1 vs 5
sorry, but this is another ridiculous idea. League had the 1-16 set-up and it was so bad they scrapped it after 2 seasons. One year, the Rangers played the Kings in the first round and Philadelphia played Vancouver (78-79) . Yeah, that made a lot of sense.

The rivalries develop over time through multiple play-off series, and competing for the same play-off spots and the multiple play-off series is more likely to happen with division rivals. Are the Rangers and Senators big rivals because they played in the first round last year? Nope.

Secondly, you are going to have the top-2 surviving seeds from the first round play in the 2nd round? Again, that is ridiculous.

SOme games award 3 points, some award 1? Again dumb. So if the Devils and Isles are playing, I should root for the game to go to 2 OTs or a SO so only 1 point is awarded? Bad enough when two teams in the Atlantic are playing my first priority is for the game to end in regulation.

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