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02-26-2013, 04:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Yeah Frans Nielsen has been goal-jinxed all season. Only 4 goals in Lukko and only 2 goals so far in NHL. He might have a hidden fatigue injury (?) in the hands or shoulders that makes his shot is weaker than before?
Otherwise it's just the classic scoring drought that can suddenly hit even great goalscorers (Fernando Torres for example). You start doubting yourself and then react to slowly or over-think the situation making it more complicated than it is?!

With a Vancouver 8-3 loss the Luongo talk will start again. From shutout to 8 goals against (only 20 saved out of 28). Really day and night performances. You are probably still fuming over have to explain it away with a conspiracy theory, right
Hehe well Nielsen just really needs to fix this! I think we might have heard something if so. How is his CorsiCoQ? Anyone know? Might help us determine what's up. Maybe it's like with Regin? bad luck

Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Tonights danes in action.

Ottawa vs Montreal. Again hope to see Regin back on the roster, and that Eller can continue producing. Probably will be a tight match that could go into OT.
Dallas vs Nashville. Big question if Philip Larsen is ready after his headgash. Can Dallas hold it together defensively with so many d-men injured, because it's hard to score many goals on Nashville.

Hope that Eller can produce at least a point tonight after last nights danish low.
Good on ya Second star for Regin and a SO Goal

Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
He has the strangest body type lol massive legs kind of thick, chubbish upper body yet somehow has abs. Wonder if these tree trunk legs are typical of Danish men.

Haha yeah it looks funny Mega thighs and a pot belly underneath all those muscles

I think his trunks have been caught from a bad angle, making them look a bit odd.
But his pot belly is prolly due to the fact that he eats a high protein meal to sustain the muscle

All I know is that he is STRONG!

Haha well I have big Thighs, but im half Canadian, don't know if that counts

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