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02-26-2013, 05:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
PS4 is not always online. As for online passes, Sony has already said its up to the developers if they want to include them or not, so yea, no pay wall from Sony's end.
You honestly believe everything Sony says don't you? Your used games include ones you've purchased on PSN.

They've promised services before that they still haven't come through on. I doubt the back library will ever be available through the cloud or the vita would be able to play PSP games. PS4 via remote play? Wasn't that supposed to work with the PSP? The cloud services will be "rolled out in stages" wonder how long that will take.

Lets not forget Gaikai, the military can barely do what Sony wants to do with Gaikai. Or if the supposed specs are true Sony is going to have to take a bath on the console. There will most likely be a massive supply shortage of DDR5 if they actually keep that much ram in it when it ships.

Practically speaking the 720 should be around 10-20% less powerful than the PS4. The processor will be significantly more powerful on the nextbox. The audio processor on the xbox can handle over 1000 concurrent mp3 streams at the same time which is insane.

None of this is confirmed though. Wouldn't surprise me if either company yanked features/hardware.

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