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02-26-2013, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Correct me if I am wrong, but on Saturday night didn't Friedman say a wild card was for the two 8-conference teams only? If that is the case, maybe the cross-over would only apply to the 2 "Eastern" conferences. So, if the Rangers finished 5th in the Atlantic with 90 points and the Bruins finish 4th in the northeast with 89 points, the Rangers can bump out the Bruins and then play the northeast conference champ? Where in the 2 "western" conferences, it would be strictly top 4 pout of 7? Stupid idea, but not as stupid as the possibility of having an LA-NY first round match-up.
Or to put it another way ...

Originally Posted by Enigma Publius View Post
The only way for a wild card to make sense would be to allow for the top three teams in, say, both Eastern Divisions to automatically qualify (preserving the importance of divisional standings) and then select the final two playoff spots by awarding Wild Cards to the remaining two teams (from either division) with the most points. It's simple, straightforward, and something done by both baseball and football.
Playoff matchups then are: Division winners against the two wild cards. Two seed against three seed within the division.

1A 4B*
2A 3A
1B 5B*
2B 3B

* Wild Card
FWIW, I prefer the straight-up, top-four in each Conference (division, etc.) making the playoffs and playing in two divisional rounds, then reseed the Final Four.

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