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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I have to agree. If that is the plan, it just got real stupid. Top-4 in each conference, simple. You finish 5th in your conference, you don't get in. You finish 5th in your conference, but with more points than the 3rd and 4th place team of another conference? TOO BAD. Thems the breaks. It's not fair, it's not fair. Guess what, life is not ******* fair. This whole thing is just getting dumber by the minute.

Either go with the 4-conferences an top-4 make it in. Or, keep the current set-up and tweak it a little. Van to the Pacific, Dallas to the Central, Winnipeg to the Northwest, Minnesota to the Central, Nashville to Southeast. Or however you want to do it.
If the wildcard isn't between 4th and 5th of the same conference then the whole idea should be scrapped. If they insist on a wildcard, there has to be an easy, simple way of describing it to the casual fan. If there's some crazy covoluted formula, then 'joe casual', whose team is in 4th, but got wildcarded out of a playoff berth is going to ask wth am I even supposed to care?. Like others have said, teams w more points have missed out before due to divisional playoff rules, why not now? What's so high and mighty about teams in this day and age compared to teams back then? If anyone can truly remember any kind of grievance filed due to team x in conf a having more points than team y in conference b, yet missing out on a playoff berth due to being in a stronger conference, please let us know. I know there was no real internet back then, but surely it would have made the news somewhere.

What if teams in 4th and 5th place in each 8 team division already played each other 6 times? That, imo, would negate any need for the wildcard. If 4th and 5th have only played 5 times, it could be argued that you could use the record vs one another as the 'wildcard'. Don't know why it didn't cross my mind sooner.

I guess I answered myself in the process on typing this post. We all need to remember that the basis of the 'wildcard' garbage was that 7 team and 8 team divisions had different statistical probabilities for making the playoffs. Therefore the 'wildcard' should only be in the two 8 team conferences. If it branches across the league as a whole, then what's the point of the wildcard at all? Wildcard should only be used if it would affect the conference standings, ie if the possibility of 5th overtaking 4th for the last playoff spot.

Rereading my post, it seems I have a couple different solutions here, but I still hate the thought of wildcard in general.

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