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07-17-2006, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Godfath3r View Post
the media is effecting our players...the media doesnt harm us it harms them..turning off your t.v is not going to stop our players from hearing what the media puts out there. Complaining to them about what they are saying is going to..

Guys free agnets have already spoken that the main reasons they won't come to play here is because of the media...this is going to hurt our chances in the future..look at the big picture
If you complain but people still buy newspapers, listen to the radio or watch TV, they won't care at all about your complaining, 'cos they'll know it won't cost them a penny. They're mostly living of advertising, and if sales/listening/watching don't dive, that won't change anything.

On the other hand, if sales/listening/watching take a hit, you'll see them wonder what's wrong and care about your opinion pretty quickly.

Now, it's another thing to make people boycott "entertaining" Habs media coverage...

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