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02-26-2013, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Was like that in Shanghai too. We'd either get some amazing French Canadian goalie or a 12 year old kid who is just starting out.

I remember on this one weak shot that's headed straight for his mask, the kid actually ducked out of the way and allowed a goal like that.
Yeah our goalies a pretty decent in our league. Theres a few really good ones a bunch of decent ones and one that can be hit or miss. We do get some kids occasionally playing goal and they arent bad. They mostly suffer from lack of size, so they dont take up as much net and lack of positioning. But they make up for it in energy.

The guys from the other night hasnt played with us this year as far as I know but hes played in the other league.

I hate ragging on goalies but Id have been happy if he was even in position to get hit in the head and duck. I mean 8 goals on 14 shots. All from outside the dot.

It was totally deflating. It was like having a beer league goalie playing in an NHL game.

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