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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
With a solid defense and scoring all over the place and a puck on a string PP Hawks shouldn't come across much adversity.
Only Achilles heal I see is possibly goaltending and this far it's been air tight .
Very smart franchise lately. After cup let some big pieces walk , re tooled and within 3 years back to being the elite .
Well. Be fair. This is another franchise that tanked for years on end to land their two franchise forwards.

Keith is a second round pick.
Seabrook and Leddy are first round picks.

Hossa was a free agent.

The Rangers defense is comparable. McDonagh, Staal, Del Zotto were first round picks. Girardi undrafted. Stralman a 7th round pick free agent.

Our goaltending is superior.

The HUGE difference is with our forwards. A mash up of two overpaid free agents, one high priced trade acquisition.

The identity among the forward corp is lost right now.

And like Chicago did, LA, and others before them, the Rangers will have to rid themselves of some fat and retool to fit the identity they are seeking if they want to win.

Richards and Gaborik need to be gone.

They need to shore up the center position. Teams win down the middle, defense, and goaltending.


Would be a good start in the middle.

Focus on wingers with speed and work ethic. No more overpaid disinterested disengaged fragile divas on the wing.

The Rangers can find their success being built more akin to what the Devils were (as much as we don't want to hear it or admit it) because that's what we are when we are successful. Elite goaltending, deep defense, strong down the middle, fast, tenacious, and very stingy defensively.

We aren't the Black Hawks. We aren't the Penguins. We need to stop trying to be them.

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